Liberarae is a western martial arts style that fuses the study of traditional western martial arts with modern martial techniques and knowledge.  The ongoing addition of skills and ideas to this style is centered in historic tradition. Unlike most western martial arts, the Sicilian tradition that Liberarae stems from was kept alive as a family discipline, with each generation training the next.  Familial instruction maintained historical techniques while incorporating new technology and methods of defense as they arose over the course of the thousand years of family history.  The tradition came into the modern era teaching sword, knife, firearms, and a host of additional martial skills.
To this core tradition, Liberarae adds:

  • The study of core principles of combat and weapons use across styles
  • The study of historical European manuscripts of defense and resources based on these manuscripts
  • The sharing of knowledge with those both within and outside of our tradition
  • A holistic study of conflict and self defense


Training Methods


Training Structure