Training Methods

Providing for safe physical training necessarily removes some element of how each technique would be used in reality.  But by practicing in multiple ways, students are able to realistically experience elements of force, speed, targeting, and tactics.  Liberarae provides for a variety of training methods, including:

  • Pell work
  • Drills with practice weapons and unarmed techniques
  • Sparring with practice weapons and equipment
  • Test cutting with full sharp weapons
  • Bag and target work
  • Practice weapon types include:
    • Blunted and training steel
    • Wood
    • Polypropylene/Rubber/Plastics
    • Padded

Liberarae supports the development of the supporting mental abilities and understanding through the above activities, as well as:

  • Scenario based challenges
  • Discussion
  • Research
  • Synthesis projects