Adult Classes


Adult classes meet twice a week: Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-9 pm.

Students may attend classes twice a week, once a week, or irregularly, and progress through the program material at their own pace.

Sample Class Schedule:

  • 5 mins – Goal Setting, Establishing Focus, Reviewing Progress
  • 10 mins – Warm Up
  • 20 mins – Pell Work and Drills with Instruction and Feedback
  • 20 mins –  Sparring with Feedback
  • 50 mins – New Lesson(s) for the Day
  • 15 mins – Cool down and stretching, Class Analysis, Review, Announcements, and Closing

Lessons include physical, mental, and interpersonal topics.   Activities in lessons may include drills, sparing, discussions, and other activities.  Some days will include more than one lesson, others only one.  Generally class schedules are adaptable to the needs of students that are present.

Cost of Classes

$120 per month – Classes Twice a week

$75 per month – One class per week

$20 per class – Drop-In Rate

$5 per session – Open Practice

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance may be available to those in need.  If you need, please inquire with Clint Massey –

How To Join

If you are interested in visiting one of our classes to understand what we do more clearly, contact us about setting up a free class visit!

If you would like to take classes with us, please fill out a Registration Packet and the Waiver. Please print both and bring them to your first class.

Next please contact us, and schedule when you would like to start taking classes. Letting us know when you are coming helps us to make sure we will have the staff on hand to help introduce you to the school. We will also want to know what schedule you plan on attending classes.

At your first class we will want to discuss the program with you either before or after the class, please let us know which works best for you.

When you schedule your first class, we will also make payment arrangements with you. Polaris is currently able to accept cash or checks.

What to wear

This is an physical activity – please wear clothes you can move in and don’t mind damaging. Though it is unlikely you will damage your clothing the first day, we want you to be prepared for when class gets more active. You can wear anything from exercise clothes (sweats etc.) to jeans and a t-shirt, just make sure you are comfortable moving in it.

Please wear closed toe shoes that you can run in.

If your first class is in the winter – you may want to wear layers.  Though we do practice indoors, it is helpful to allow you body to warm up slowly, and remove layers as necessary.

What to Bring

Water  or sports drinks – it is important to stay hydrated during physical activity

Snacks – if you think you will need a refreshment during the two hour class

If you haven’t yet decided that you want to take classes with us, but would like to know more please contact us.  Once again, you can arrange to observe a class or open practice. Or come to a meetup or event to get to know us better!

Feel free to contact us

Please contact us at least one business day in advance so we know to expect you.

Clint, Lead Instructor, 303-514-0671