HEMA Schools

From it’s foundation, Polaris Fellowship has practiced a living martial art. Our curriculum is growing and changing as we delve into more historical resources and do our own research on weapons and movement. In the past we have collaborated with other HEMA schools, putting on events to share knowledge across schools and styles. 

As we’re always learning more, we watch videos from various schools online. Especially during the last year in the pandemic, we have found ourselves seeking out material from other HEMA schools online. Though Polaris is in Michigan, we’ve been watching HEMA schools from around the world. 

Here are a few of our favorite HEMA Schools to watch. 

Blood and Iron Martial Arts

Blood and Iron Marital Arts Located in Langley BC and Silver City New Mexico. They make youtube videos regularly covering a variety of topics including techniques, footwork and training equipment. Like Polaris, they’re school studies a combination of historic and modern techniques. 

They’re videos cover interesting topics and are accessible and relevant to students at all levels. I really appreciate their attitude. They often use humor in their videos and though they clearly take their style and study seriously, it’s evident that they have fun as well. 

Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly

At Polaris Fellowship of Weapons Study, we identify with another martial arts school whose name is also a mouthful.

Valkyrie is a HEMA school located in Vancouver, BC. They teach striking, grappling, and swordplay. Their youtube videos show sparring, practice, and fitness videos.

Valkyrie has an inclusive focus. They are women owned, and have  events focused on being inclusive to groups usually excluded from martial arts communities.In the past they have hosted events such as Big Gay Sword Day and Queer knife fighting events. 

During the pandemic, they have been hosting virtual lectures on special topics including bolognese side sword and a queer history of dueling. 

London Longsword Academy

If you want to see some beautiful textbook execution of techniques, check out the London Longsword Academy. The school is run by David Rawlings is well known in HEMA communities across the globe.  

Videos on their youtube channel focus on demonstrating techniques, discussing HEMA topics & texts, and reviewing equipment. London Long swords videos tend to be curated towards an audience with an understanding of HEMA topics, rather than people who are brand new. Even so, the material is accessible and engaging for students at all levels. 

So Many HEMA Schools, So Little Time

These are just a few of our favorite schools to watch. At Polaris, we enjoy looking at other schools to compare and contrast techniques, but we also do it because it’s fun. It’s great to see what other HEMA schools in the wider community and wider world are doing. 

It helps us to examine new perspectives for subjects we already teach, and to broaden our horizons with topics we haven’t previously considered. 

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